About HiFresh

Online Grocery Shopping Platform


HiFresh is a platform specialising in selling frozen seafood and meat. We provide you with inexpensive, high-quality series of frozen seafood and frozen meat/poultry. We are honoured to serve you and your family.

We are RMP certified

We have our own RMP certified cold storage, and we are registered in Food & Animal product importer. Our products have been strictly inspected by NZ MAF. All products are stored in compliance with strict IMP standards.

Our products come from local and all around the world. We will continue to expand our product range to meet the growing demands of our customers.

With the base in Auckland, HiFresh provides next-day delivery to all Auckland customers and works hard to keep the promise that our products are always of good quality and at the best price.

We attach great importance to product quality and customer experience. If you have any comments on our products, please call our customer service hotline 0800 66 11 99. We are very happy to know your opinions in order to make continuous progress.‚Äč