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Whole Cooked Crab


Scampi Ungraded 4kg (Non-Returnable)


Whole Mud Crab


Small Silver Pomfret


Greenland Whole Cooked Shrimp (Sashimi Grade)


NZ Whole Salmon Gilled & Gutted


King Crab Leg


Loligo Squid


Blue Cod Fish (Gilled & Gutted)


Golden Pompano




Whole Gutted European Flounder (Plaice)


Pacific Cod Fillet (Skinless and Boneless)


3L Grade Raw Swimmer Half Cut Crab


Whole Baby Octopus 40/60 (Fully Clean)




Sardine Fish (Pilchard)


Yellow Croaker


Frozen Salmon Fillet (Skin On-Bone In)

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