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Fully Cooked Boneless Aromatic Roast Duck


NZ Wagyu Teriyaki Meatball


NZ Wagyu Beef Curry (Mild)


NZ Wagyu Gyudon


NZ Wagyu Kakuni (Braised Beef)


NZ Wagyu Shigureni (Beef Stew)

$46.99/ pack

NZ Wagyu Mapo Tofu Sauce


NZ Wagyu Bacon Carbonara Sauce


NZ Wagyu Bolognese


NZ Wagyu Beef Curry (Spicy)


NZ Wagyu Nikumiso (Miso, Meat Sauce)


NZ Wagyu Hamburg Steak (Hambagu/ Hamburger Steak)


NZ Wagyu Beef Ragout Paste Sauce


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