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NZ Wagyu Thin Sliced (Silver)


[Pre-Order] Fresh Chaoshan Wagyu Beef Hot Pot Slice


NZ Wagyu Thin Sliced (Gold)


NZ Wagyu Gift Set


NZ Wagyu Gyudon


NZ Wagyu Hot Pot Slice (Red)


NZ Wagyu Shigureni (Beef Stew)

$14.65/ pack

NZ Wagyu Nikumiso (Miso, Meat Sauce)


NZ Wagyu Bacon Carbonara Sauce


NZ Wagyu Sirloin (M9)


Stir-Fry Wagyu Beef Korean Style Bulgogi


[Pre-Order] Fresh Chaoshan Bo-ren Slice


Japanese Yakiniku Wagyu Beef Set


[Pre-Order] Fresh Chaoshan Shi-ren Slice


NZ Wagyu Eye Fillet (M9)


Wagyu Roast Beef


NZ Wagyu Rump (M9)


[Pre-Order] Fresh Chaoshan Fei-pian Slice


[Pre-Order] Fresh Chaoshan Nen-rou Slice

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