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Lamb Intercostal 1KG


Lamb Slice 500g


NZ Angus Beef Scotch Fillet 200G


Fully Cooked Boneless Aromatic Roast Duck


Free Range Chicken


NZ Angus Beef Sirloin Steak 200G


Vacuum Pack Pork Belly


NZ Wagyu Thin Sliced Shabu-shabu/Sukiyaki Premium (Chuck)


Lamb Rack


Lamb Shanks In Rich Tomato Gravy 2 Pieces (B.B 10/12/20)


NZ Wagyu Value meat Kiriotoshi (Silverside/Topside)


NZ Wagyu Thick Sliced Red Meat (Bolar,Knuckle)


Henry’s Hen


Pork Rib


NZ Wagyu Thin Sliced Shabu-shabu/Sukiyaki Standard (Bolar)


Veal Tenderloin (Eye Fillet)


Pork Belly Slice (For BBQ)


Black Iberico Pork Collar Steak


NZ Wagyu Gift Box


NZ Wagyu Teriyaki Meatball

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